Get to know Stuart

“When you first meet Stuart, you instantly know he is unique, genuine, and truly cares about making a positive and lasting impact on your organization. When we were looking for speakers for our annual meeting, his name kept coming up. I was not looking for someone else in a business suit to tell our team what we’ve heard so many times and what we already know. I was looking for someone unique. Stuart fit the bill. He took the time to understand our organization, our unique needs and mission over the next year and invest himself in our culture. That was very important to us. And most of all he has a sense of humor and made it fun and memorable. I highly recommend Stuart Cohen for any company speaking engagement, coaching or setting where you are trying to bring a team together to achieve a company’s mission and goals. He delivers.” [Daphne T. Large, President & Chief Executive Officer, Data Facts]

If you can think big, Stuart will help you do big! Meet a master motivator who inspires greater accomplishments through fresh perspectives and boundless passion. His contagious kinetic energy will give you lift!

A successful entrepreneur, highly engaging international speaker, passionate business coach and author, he demonstrates how we can overcome obstacles and achieve higher levels of success and happiness.

Stuart is president of his performance coaching company and operates an online sales boot camp. He has published two books, one focused on bringing loyalty back to business and another dedicated to converting e-leads to sales.

Entrepreneur Stuart founded Resort For A Day ( in 2007, now the world’s largest online seller of hotel day passes for cruisers. The company was acquired by World Travel Holdings in 2012.

Formerly A 28-year travel industry executive and visionary, Stuart served in sales and marketing leadership positions with major brands including World Travel Holdings, Celebrity Cruises, Insight Vacations and His entrepreneurial spirit introduced successful new brands including NEST, the Home Based Success Series and numerous cutting edge business practices.

Stuart has volunteered as a startup mentor and pitch coach for Start Co. (, a life champion mentor with Advance Memphis ( and a leadership mentor with the Memphis Institute for Leadership Education (

He is a certified integrative health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), plays the bongos drums quite well, loves running, cooking, watching BBC productions and embarking on culinary journeys with wife Kimberly. They reside just outside Memphis, TN.

stuart cohen palace

“It has been said that ‘life begins at the end of our comfort zone’. I believe that life begins inside our NEW comfort zones! Allow me to remove obstacles, introduce refreshing new choices, and give you lift. If something at work or in life is on PAUSE, I will push PLAY.” – Stuart

a passionate keynoter

Stuart loves taking the stage as a special event MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. With his endearing ‘improv-style’ sense of humor, highly engaging  and always-flowing delivery, he grabs and keeps attention.

His personalized keynotes and workshops have ‘enter-trained’ people across the United States, Canada,  Mexico, the Caribbean islands, aboard huge cruise ships plying the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, even tiny river cruise ships navigating Europe, and as far away as Dubai!

Stuart is especially adept at understanding the challenges facing businesses today and knowing what new choices will drive positive change.

a master sales trainer

Stuart specializes in building vibrant businesses. His focus – for leaders and aspiring leaders – is to stay within one’s ‘love circle’,  achieve ‘remarkability‘, harness the ‘power of the pocket‘,  give loyalty in abundance, and overcome fears by constantly creating new comfort zones.  Thinking big AND doing big is DO-ABLE. Defining one’s purpose and communicating this with great clarity and boldness is essential.  Operating efficiently (versus exhaustingly) results in a fear-less and limit-less business.

He teaches from real experience as highly successful leader and visionary as an executive in the corporate world and now as an owner of multiple businesses.

a certified integrative health coach

Stuart has certification from the world’s largest nutrition school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. His strong desire is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

He and wife Kimberly, a board certified cardiovascular nurse practitioner, help others to ‘live vibrantly, age gracefully’ through a balance of food, relationships, physical movement, spirituality and career.

an insatiable solopreneur

Stuart inspires and guides entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to achieve greater success by ‘wrenching’ a business model (identifying what is right, what is wrong, and what new choices can be initiated for positive change). He also walks the walk having created new brands and built several businesses from the ground-up.

He is in process of building SoloPreneur Network. Healthy Sexy U is a future project he will launch along with wife Kimberly.

Stuart is also expert at creating passive income revenue and strategic partnerships.

an inspiring business & performance coach

Working one-on-one or in group coaching settings is his opportunity to be a great listener, help others overcome obstacles and be their very best. He loves encouraging ambitious people to empty their ‘wanna-do bucket’ by removing fears, doing only what is in their ‘love circle‘, and harnessing the ‘power in the pocket‘.

he’s ALWAYS on the go…

He LOVES spending every minute of every day with wife Kimberly (but that’s just not possible). So, he runs (half and full marathons). Mountain bikes. Reads. Sees great movies. Loves PBS/BBC. Listens to music (and makes his own via his bongos drums and traditional drum set). Frequents outstanding LOCALLY owned restaurants. Frequents LIVE music performances.

Stuart produced the Stuart Cohen Show, an award-winning web-based talk radio show. He currently hosts the The Ask Stuart Hour which is a ‘live’ viewer call-in ‘ask anything’ business coaching webinar with no slides and no script.

Skydived at 54 years of age (a bucket-list goal). 14,500 foot tandem drop. Full 60-second free-fall. 5-minute descent to a landing on his butt so smooth it was like ‘buttah’.

Ran two marathons, finished 4 hrs 13 mins (Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon New Orleans, Feb 2016) and 4 hrs 16 mins (Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon, Feb 2015). 

Ran eight half-marathons, best time: 1 hr 54 mins.

Was a radio station DJ, promotions director and talk show at the college radio station (WVIC, Ithaca College).

Started up a mobile disc jockey company (Sounds Great Systems) during the glorious days of vinyl, schlepping thousands of records to weddings, bar mitvahs and sweet 16’s. The business started during college when he created a paying gig at the on campus pub (and the drinking age was still 18). He sold the business when his wife got pregnant with their first child (Danielle).

With money from DJ’ing he purchased a brand new 1985 Toyota Celica (fourth generation). It was a stick shift, his first. He sadly gave up stick for years until purchasing a new 2012 GTI Turbo (and driving became FUN again).

He and brother Ira started Care Packages U.S.A. after selling the DJ company. They created fund raising programs with colleges by marketing final exam packages twice annually.

Daughter Danielle published her first book before her Dad. She wrote What’s Wrong With Grandpa to help kids better understand and cope with grandparents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Danielle is studying to be a Physician’s Assistant and is currently a medical scribe.

Son Zachary is an exotic car enthusiast and expert (a passion he did not get from his Dad). Zach produces a successful blog at Stuart looks forward to one day driving in Zach’s Lamborghini Aventador.

Dreams of being Guy Fieri (of Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives fame) when he grows up. Stuart’s show will feature restaurants that create ‘off the charts’ meals – minus the thousand calorie, artery-hardening burgers and cheese fries featured on Guy’s show.

Certification as Integrative Health Coach was earned through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school.

Stuart is currently teaching himself to play drums and bongo drums! Watch for a future high-energy video performance…

They call him The Wrench for good reason (60-seconds)!

Call Stuart when your business (or you!) need a good wrenching.

Stuart’s first-ever attempt at barefoot waterskiing!

It is an amazing triumph until